[ubuntu-art] New Wave

François Degrave fdegrave at gmail.com
Mon May 12 15:16:26 BST 2008

Anton Kerezov a écrit :
> В 14:13 +0200 на 12.05.2008 (пн), François Degrave написа:
>> Giuseppe Pennisi a écrit :
>>> Very nice. I think that i's the right way.
>>> gp
>> Hi!
>>  I don't know why, Giuseppe, but I can't install your Metacity theme. It 
>> just looks like on the capture attached. Do you know what would be my 
>> mistake - I clicked on "Install", and chose New Wave_0.4.2.tar.gz? I'm 
>> still on Gutsy, does it affect anything?
>> Cheers,
>> François
> The metacity theme should be installed together with your gtk theme. If
> it doesn't appear as installed you should try clicking on Personnaliser
> and choose it from there. By the way do you have the clearlooks engine
> installed because what I see is the default gtk theme. Or if it appeared
> this way after you switched to New Wave then there is an error in the
> gtkrc (though on my PC there is nothing wrong with it. I downloaded it
> from the site). Please try to delete the theme and install it again.
> The gnome-logout.png icon is better looking now.
> Can somebody help with the icon theme integration? Or just give me
> hints?
> Anton
I'm currently trying the HumanElephant one, and it is not bad at all - 
not perfect, but much better than Human. I think we should keep an 
orange one (less shiny, though) else we won't have any chance to 
integrate orange in the theme, and then it won't even be considered for 

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