[ubuntu-art] New Wave

François Degrave fdegrave at gmail.com
Fri May 9 18:01:32 BST 2008

Giuseppe Pennisi a écrit :
> François Degrave ha scritto:
>>> The transparency of the titlebar for metacity is due because of the
>>> compiz setup.
>>> IMHO it's not bad. However, fundamentally, if compiz is enabled the
>>> people can to use Emarald, right?
>>> Fundamentally Metacity is for those who can not use Emerald.
>>> (Otherwise we can change the compiz setup)
>> That's nice, but I just find it quite disappointing that we lose this 
>> "all-in-one" effect for the menu bar and task bar on inactive windows. 
>> We really should ask -- or write -- a patch for Metacity to have 
>> different menu bars on inactive and active windows, to keep this "solid" 
>> feeling.
> Yes, is true. It is disappointing but I don't know if it's only a
> Metacity problem, indeed (as you can see) if Compiz not enabled the
> problem is not present.
> Perhaps changing (some) the compiz settings the problem can be fixed.
> If that's possible it cane be a workaround.
> I will try to solve the problem or with compiz (if this is possible) or 
> writing (or asking :D )a patch for metacity. 
Btw, it is better to try to make the menu bar the same color as the 
window bar rather than removing the transparency of the window bar. The 
transparency can stay if the menu bar is the continuation of the window bar.

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