[ubuntu-art] Clearlooks or Murrine ?

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at gmail.com
Sun May 4 16:27:29 BST 2008

> Which engine prefer to create a new theme for Intrepid?
> If this concept has not yet been fixed, I think a good idea is to spoken
> it and decide which engine to use.
> Lately I could not read the mail-list and I do not know if this concept
> has already been discussed.
> Good Work to everyone for Intrepid! ;-)

The best way to find old posts is at

I believe this has been discussed in an indirect way, though that was
prior to Hardy's release. It's my opinion that Clearlooks is the more
interesting theme because of its use of solid "gummy" effects to
highlight selected widgets, as opposed to the horrible dotted lines
for Murrine and every other theme out there right now. It is
surprisingly unique, not just for GNOME but for operating systems in
general. As well as looking better, this is also undoubtedly better
for usability since it makes the selected widget a lot more visible.
The UbuntuLooks theme does a nice job with Clearlooks by not having a
gradient for toolbars (which never works because of windows having
lots of toolbars and the Metacity theme often adding a gradient
itself), instead having a sharp divider beterrn menu and toolbar.

Having said that, if Murrine took on the same idea there, I would be
much more interested in it. The glassy buttons are well done, and I
understand the engine gives artists a lot of power :)


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