[ubuntu-art] Day of Ubuntu wallpaper slideshow

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at gmail.com
Sun May 4 06:44:55 BST 2008

I am not an artist, but I stuck the three Dawn of Ubuntu variants
together into a slideshow and became very pleased. This is, in my
opinion, an example of the wallpaper transition effect working
fantastically. There are only three key frames, so the transition is not
at all jarring; it happens subtly in the background. Because each image
is very similar aside from colours, the transition is absolutely
brilliant! It really feels like a day passing by in the background, with
the simple fading effect doing a great job giving us tons of colourful

The functionality of this little feature seems to be misrepresented by a
lot of the wallpaper slideshows out there right now, so how do you think
this one is?

I am posting this because I think the time lapsed wallpaper idea is
genuinely interesting, and could be put to good use. With this quieter,
day-long transition, does anybody here encounter issues? (Technical or
Also, I noticed editing the little XML file here was very, very painful.
Would anyone be interested in a GUI to help that along?

It is too big to attach to this message, so the slideshow thingy is
hosted on Google Pages, of all places...

Have fun!


PS: I take no credit for the artistic end of this, and have merely
pushed the three things together. Kudos to the artists who made these
wallpapers, credited in the Readme file, for keeping things consistent
and attractive. Furthermore, I realize that this enormous post and the
numerous license stuff attached sounds like a lot of pomp about what
amounts to very, very little. You would be correct in thinking that; I
seem to have accumulated too much free time.

That, and it doesn't hurt to be prepared for the unpredictable
possibility that somebody links to the file here from somewhere else,
the brilliance of which would cause a chain reaction spreading it and
the numerous attached works all over the interwebs!
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