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François Degrave fdegrave at gmail.com
Sat May 3 22:21:14 BST 2008

2008/5/3 Hylke Bons <h.bons at student.rug.nl>:

> I don't like the black very much (why do we need to follow Windows in
> everything? first the gloss, now the Vistaish black, even the gradient
> is almost the same).
> However, I LOVE the wallpaper, it gives the feeling of freedom to me and
> that's what Linux is all about! :)
> Do you have larger sizes around?
> Maybe we can make more variations of it, with different landscapes and
> colors that are installed by default.
> Hylke
Hi Hylke,

I didn't do this thing with Vista in mind at all. I just thought about the
orange/black palette that was requested for Hardy - and that's still the
case for Intrepid, I think. The gradient is more apple-like than Vistaish
(it has not this "shiny" glass effect), but in black. Please just keep in
mind that those elements should be, IMO, color neutral, i.e. gray (light or
dark, see OSX Tiger and Leopard) or black. Making a shiny orange taskbar
would just make us all blind - and another color combined with the Ubuntu
orange would just make us puke all around our desk.

The wallpaper is this one: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/33466586/
Many other (good) vector wallpapers can be found here:
However, I didn't find it in a higher resolution. You should ask the author
- by the way, if its response is positive, I'm interested too. Also, if you
want to submit this image for the next release, you should inform yourself
about the license it uses, and maybe ask the author to choose one which
would allow us to redistribute it.


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