[ubuntu-art] Dark Themes: Testing them in Alphas? Upstream?

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Sat May 3 02:22:06 BST 2008

On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 3:50 PM, Matthew Nuzum <newz at bearfruit.org> wrote:
>  If a dark theme is going to be used in Intrepid or i+1 then it needs
>  to go into the dev version soon along with instructions on how to file
>  bug reports against software that breaks with a dark theme.
>  Kind of like the switch from bash to dash as /bin/sh. Theoretically
>  speaking, it's very possible that a dark theme could go into intrepid
>  for a significant portion of the dev cycle and then be pulled as beta
>  approaches and then re-instated for i+1 where it continues to mature
>  before being able to go live. I think a dark theme will reveal a lot
>  of broken programs and the solutions will not be as trivial to fix as
>  with dash.
>  if something was avail (even in rough form) by
>  alpha 1 or alpha 2 it would generate a lot of useful bug reports.
>  [1] http://guentherbeyer.de/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/ubuntu_804_theme_test_02b.png

This seems like a really sensible idea, with very little to loose -
whether or not we want a dark theme as default doesn't matter, as  it
opens up the possibility to the art team and to users who would like
to have one, of having it work well. Upstream probably care about this

As well as the (quite) dark Ubuntu Studio theme, there are plenty of
good (very) dark themes already on Gnome Look, and as I understand
your idea - there isn't much great significance in _which_ dark theme
we use, only that it is one that will expose apps that need to be
fixed in order to be theme agnostic. So we are pretty much in a
position to go now, if all the right groups want it to happen (yea, I
know this is not a small thing!). What am I forgetting?

The good thing about this, as I see it, is that we're not in any hurry
- if it takes two releases where we go to a dark theme in the early
alphas to get things smooth, then that is fine - the point is that if
we don't start we'll never finish.

So - this seems like the kind of thing someone would need to raise at
UDS, or even with Upstream GNOME (There were some posts on Gnome
Planet a while ago discussing darker themes and how well they
Anyone going to UDS? Anyone very involved with upstream art? If so -
what do you think?

Who / Jonathan Austin

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