[ubuntu-art] Simple Hardy theme proposal: Orange Glossy (or Clearlooks)

Greg K Nicholson greg at gkn.me.uk
Fri Mar 21 11:43:03 GMT 2008

Try this: in System → Preferences → Appearance → Theme → Customise:

1. set your Controls to Glossy (or alternatively, Clearlooks)
2. set your Window Border to Glossy (alternatively, Clearlooks; for the
extra-conservative, Human)
3. change all the text colours to black
4. change selected items' background colour to #D98F34
5. change windows' background colour to #EDE7E1
6. leave input boxes' backgrounds white, and tooltips at their default
7. use whatever icon theme you like (Human will do)
8. imagine this as the default theme for Hardy

(Step 8 is very important.)

This theme complements Hardy's default wallpaper (and its simple
variant) very nicely; it's a complete stylistic refresh from previous
releases, but based on a mature engine; and it's doable *now* (you just
did it, assuming you were playing along).

(One minor downside: Ubuntu hardcodes an accent colour in system tray
bubble notifications; its dark yellow clashes slightly with Glossy's
orange tooltips. So either that bug would need to be fixed (the
hardcoding part – the visual style needn't change) or Clearlooks
controls would have to be used instead of Glossy.)
Greg K Nicholson

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