[ubuntu-art] Hacking / Kludging - WAS Re: gtk theme

Kido Mariano greasedbolt at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 15:56:26 GMT 2008

>  Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2008 07:06:46 -0800
>  From: Troy James Sobotka <troy.sobotka at gmail.com>
>  Subject: [ubuntu-art] Hacking / Kludging - WAS Re:  gtk theme
>  It certainly isn't optimal, and I am well aware of the shortcomings.
>  The point isn't to kludge / hack _everything_, but do it where it is
>  required to achieve an innovation.  Animated progressbars might be an
>  example here.

Animated progressbars are already an option in clearlooks and murrine, afaik.

>  Our track record for doing things _before_ other competing operating
>  systems do something is not exactly stellar.
>  Putting in a kludge / hack accomplishes two things:
>  1) It clearly demonstrates the shortcoming in the current code set.
>  2) Puts a little more pressure on the architecture to evolve _properly_.
>  Heck.  If it weren't for the kludges and hacks here and there, with the
>  respective sarcastic comments in the code, where would FOSS be at all?

Instead of putting in the hack, you could file a bug. Yeah, the devs
are reluctant to add new stuff (especially in the Gnome side of things
:P), but a good case can make its way into good implementation.

>  Sincerely,
>  TJS
OT: How do I get my ubuntu-art mail in single-message form rather than
in digest form? ^_^'

I'm actually starting to see your point. :)


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