[ubuntu-art] MEETING - Saturday, 21:00UTC

Kenneth Wimer kwwii at ubuntu.com
Thu Mar 6 12:22:46 GMT 2008

Hi Again,

The next meeting will take place on Saturday, 21:00UTC. Topics will include:

 * GDM:  getting the bg inline with the wallpaper; new icons

 * GTK:  tweaking the gtk themes and discussing clearlooks vs. murrine

 * DESKTOP: Wallpaper tweaks. Discussing current state, ideas for moving 

 * ICONS: Needed! Update icon in Human style for panel; Scale and Expose 
icons; General state of human refresh

 * 8.10: Discuss current ideas, how to move forward

 * 8.10 DeviantArt Theme Competition:  A way to engage with the wider 
community of creative-commons artists.

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