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Thu Jun 12 23:09:36 BST 2008

and there is no discussion about any other themes.<br>
The offical page <a href="" target="_blank"></a> looks<br>
also very confusing to me, normal user can&#39;t understand, what will be in<br>
the official release, and what not.<br>
Then, the curious user downloads the alpha CD or live build to see, what<br>
is happening with the look, and there is no change.<br>
The same is for the icon theme, default fonts, color schemas, etc.<br>
So the present situation is very confusing, everyone expect the last<br>
offical information, which was - Ubuntu 8.04 will not come with the new<br>
look because LTS release, the new look will be moved into II 8.10.<br>
That is what I read in all articles about ubuntu releases.<br>
If it is not like this, someone should somewhere say/write, what is the<br>
present situation, why it is not like it was presented before, and when<br>
the new look really come.<br>
I thought, that Ubuntu Artwork team is the responsible team for doing this.<br>
Sorry if I am wrong.<br>
Best regards<br>
Vit Svarc<br>
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</div></div></blockquote></div><br>We aren&#39;t the official art team, that is left to Canonical and their team of professional artists. We work on community themes and wallpapers, and if Mark likes one of our themes, he will use it. There still might be a new theme which gets added before the beta is released, but I doubt that the professional art team got it done on time.<br>


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