[ubuntu-art] murrine in intrepid

victor at ecozona.com victor at ecozona.com
Thu Jun 5 09:02:42 BST 2008

> Hi Conn,
> On Friday 30 May 2008 00:29:07 Conn wrote:
>> Ken,
>> Here's my first attempt at modifying the new theme. Screenshot and
>> gtkrc attached.
>> Some of the changes (I don't remember them all):
>> 1. Readded toolbar and menubar separators
>> 2. Darkened menubar to 90% of background
>> 3. Darkened "active" notebook tabs
>> 4. Darkened menu background to 90% of background
>> 5. Changed base colour to something closer to the dark brown background
>> 6. Changed radio and checkbar colour to display as white, and
>> highlight to base colour
>> 7. Removed old hack to "fix" metacity's colour (i.e. the mix
>> statements I put in the code after finding the Gnome Appearances bug).
>> I assume the metacity theme will change drastically, so it's best to
>> remove the hack to avoid future confusion.
>> 8. Selected items in menus now display white text
>> 9. Added new murrine engine parameters "colorize_scrollbar" and
>> "sliderstyle", and enabled both. I removed depreciated
>> "scrollbar_color", and note that the engine is warning us that
>> "hilight_ratio" is deprecated, so we may need to remove those lines
>> later.
>> 10. Changed selected item text to white
>> 11. Probably more things I forgot...
> I agree with pretty much everything you say :-) I began hacking on the gtk
> color definitions last night as well. One of the challenges is going to be
> creating work arounds for dark color themeing bugs in specific apps.
>> Some observations for the future:
>> 1. Perhaps we need to change the orange colour, perhaps it would be
>> better to be darkened.
>> 2. I set the nautilus-location colour simply to @selected_bg_color.
>> For Human-Murrine I used a mix statement to lighten the orange a
>> little so that it blended better with murrine's glaze, but it won't
>> work well with the new colourscheme. We can change this later,
>> especially after any changes to the selected background (i.e. orange)
>> colour.
> The bright orange seems out of place on a dark background. I think we
> would be
> better off going with something less contrasty.
>> 3. Of course, the metacity theme doesn't look very nice anymore. I
>> suggest we adopt a similar theme to UbuntuStudio, but use a darker
>> brown rather than black. Oh, we could arrange it so that the inactive
>> window is 90% shaded to the background colour, so it will blend with
>> the darkened menubar - that would be a nice effect.
>> That's all I can think of for now!
>> Conn
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> Ken
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I believe that the contrasts must not break too much.

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