[ubuntu-art] Is There an Official Palette We Have to Stick With?

Kenneth Wimer kwwii at ubuntu.com
Mon Jun 2 07:04:24 BST 2008


Yes, we have a palette in the works. I should have installable versions done 
sometime soon. If anyone is interested in helping make a gimp palette please 
let me know.

On Monday 02 June 2008 01:44:38 Salane Ashcraft wrote:
> To Ubuntu Artists-
> Is there any real input from the developers, Shuttleworth, or anyone about
> this? Do we even know if there will be a drastic theme replacement?

I represent Canonical's wishes (be them from Mark or whoever). At this time I 
plan on using a very different theme in Intrepid. If that should change the 
list will be the first to know.

> I have 
> seen one email from a dev and a video where Mark says we wants and
> interface change, but what is being done? we can sit here and create themes
> and mockups, but will this even matter?

Apparently you missed out on the discussion as to "the motivation behind why 
we create themes". Let me wrap it up in a couple of sentences:

We create themes because we have a good, strong vision which we want to 
express. That is what the theme teams should be about. Which part(s) of that 
goes in the default artwork should be secondary (or perhaps even 
third-ary :p)


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