[ubuntu-art] More Mockups

Nicholas Kraak lostoverthere at gmail.com
Sun Jul 27 04:59:05 BST 2008

Hey Ken,

Just a quick comment that these look brilliant. In terms of background,
Piano is my favourite. It already looks great, as its stylish, its warm, its
Ubuntu and I'm confident this is on its way to becoming what Mark was
envisioning. The thing people have to be careful about when developing a
theme which has a title-bar colour that is drastically different from the
rest of the window is to soften the appearance. Too little contrast makes
the title-bar drift into the background and the whole window just seem
messy, while too much contrast is uneasy on the eyes. [If] Once you get
further into developing these themes, I'd recommend a gradient from the
title bar to the rest of the window (See Linux Mint GNOME Edition,
particularly their Nautilus). This softens the appearance and helps lead the
eye around the window.

Hope that made sense,
-Nicholas (LostOverThere)
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