[ubuntu-art] Color for the Gtk

Justin Dugger jldugger at gmail.com
Sat Jul 19 23:55:35 BST 2008

On Sat, Jul 19, 2008 at 4:41 PM, Salane Ashcraft <salane89 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ubuntu Art Team-
> I have been doing some thinking about the color of the theme, the
> buttons, etc. I also was thinking about some things that Mark
> Shuttleworth told me and things he has said in interviews regarding
> the desktop of Ubuntu. He has said that it is something that needs
> work on , something that we need to improve to the point of being the
> "Golden Standard," something that he currently believes rests in
> Apple's hands with OS X. I will agree with him. We need a theme that
> meets, improves upon, and is superior to OS X's strong points. What
> are things people like about it? They like its seamless, integrated,
> and unified design. What are things we can do to help Ubuntu do this?
> (The following are just my thoughts- carefully thought out and
> considered as my own opinion I fell free to share)
> Color - Our current theme uses a mix of a light grey and a medium
> brown. This combo lends itself to looking outdated or out of fashion.
> Ubuntu is an operating system, a tech product- we want it to look
> modern, and with Ubuntu in particular, we want it to look forward.
> Mark thinks it is necessary to retain the Orange/Brown look of Ubuntu
> - we can do this in ways other than trying to make the Gtk widgets and
> panels these colors. I have seen many brown colors, created many
> gradients, and brown just doesn't seem right as a panel color or
> window color. I think that we need something that is neutral, yet
> looks beautiful and futuristic ( not as in robots and the Jetsons, but
> more like a true futuristic look). We also want Ubuntu to look unique.
> Therefore black as in Vista and grey as in OS X are taken. What is
> left besides brown? What is Ubuntu? Nothing in the logo will work.
> What about what we have? Its a much lighter grey than OS X - why not
> make it lighter, say to an off white? There is a way to do it where it
> does not feel cold, or is too bright. Just a thought.

If I might try a rhetorical trick to alter your perception: instead of
a light brown, why don't we use a dark orange?

If that fails, then perhaps it's time to color parameterize the theme.
 I think Mark's right about the identification of the Ubuntu desktop.
It reinforces the idea that using Ubuntu is easy, when people use the
recognizable theme visible ways.  I think we can satisfy both the
value of a distinct default desktop and accommodate people who would
like a different color.  We wholly expect people to change the
background; if it were just as easy to change the theme color I think
there'd be little to complain about.

Justin Dugger

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