[ubuntu-art] GTK-theme proposal

Kim Kahns post at kims-area.com
Sat Jul 19 02:30:45 BST 2008

Hi everybody!
Here's an update of my theme.

Am 19.07.2008 02:59:42 schrieb(en) Arjuna Navaratna:
> Could you make your screenshots the entire window? It's a lot easier
> to take
> in the whole picture :)

I attached a screenshot which shows all widgets and the emerald theme 
(focused and unfocused).

Am 19.07.2008 02:59:42 schrieb(en) Arjuna Navaratna:
> Yeah you're right it does look like vista! How about instead of
> keeping the
> buttons so close to each other, have them stand apart and then adjust
> the
> height?

I think the buttons would take away to much space if they were 

~Kim Kahns (Kimmik)

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