[ubuntu-art] Hardy Heron style Ibex wallpaper

Yann Dìnendal yanndinendal at universfantastiques.org
Thu Jul 17 23:42:10 BST 2008

I agree it shouldn't be default, but couldn't it be considered for inclusion
amongst the other wallpapers available?
Sorry for discussing useless things... But Salane, you were the one saying
we need getting started on wallpapers... I'm sorry I can't come up with
anything more constructive, but I keep seing great artworks on this list for
some years, and nothing come up from this thing, they just disapear or we
forget about them... By the way, why don't we have any news about New Wave?
Is it also forgotten or are they working on their own on lauchpad until it's
finished (which would be great)?
Concerning discussions about fonts, icons, and the theme: I'm all for it,
but what should be discussed? For the fonts, it's a rather technical
subject, so people with knowledge about it should specificaly list
attributes for a good default font, and we should discuss the possibilities.
As I understand it, as we need a free international font, that leaves us
with a very limited choice, so we should explicitly compare them and come up
with a choice.

*Yann Dìnendal*
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