[ubuntu-art] ubuntu-art Digest, Vol 37, Issue 40

Nicholas Kraak lostoverthere at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 11:38:15 BST 2008

Kith is looking great! I'd personally describe the current colour as being
not to dissimilar to condensed milk, or in less blunt terms more Peachy.

I must admit though, the thing that annoys me most about Kith is there is no
colour distinction between the window title bar and the navigation bar
(back, forward, etc.). Now, there are a number of ways to fix this, the
obvious being make the title bar darker, to draw the eye to it. Drawing the
eye to the title bar is more important then people think, without it, the
user's eyes will become lost. The second way to fix this is to make the
navigation bar only slightly lighter, but add a gradient to it (Linux Mint
Gnome Edition does this<http://linuxmint.com/img/screenshots/elyssa/firefox.png>

Salane mentioned that both Orange and Brown look a bit shabby. In my
personal opinion, one of the most beautiful, attractive colour's is when
Brown is mixed with Orange. (Such as in the "Personification"

Other then that I think Kith is well on its way to becoming a fantastic

Nicholas (LostOverThere)
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