[ubuntu-art] Quick question for the WIKI regarding the range of what constitutes a "theme"

Kenneth Wimer kwwii at ubuntu.com
Fri Jul 11 01:01:55 BST 2008

On Friday 11 July 2008 01:03:42 Salane Ashcraft wrote:
> Thanks Ken. Haven't seen you on here in a while!

It's been a week since I posted to this list :p Sorry, I've been working on 
another project for Canonical and thought that things were going well so I 
didn't meddle - someitmes it is better when I don't get all too wordy :-)

We have to learn to work as a team of a group of teams. That is, in my mind, 
the first test of whether any of this means anything. In order to do that we 
need teams of talented people who are willing to listen and work on some 
cohesive ideas which are somehow at some point in it's own timeline based on 
reality or something at least close to reality.

Have fun!


P.S. Updates to NewHuman theme on my hardy PPA as well as in Intrepid. Nothing 
major yet, mainly bug-fixes from Conn. Funky button contrast stuff to come 
(Thanks, Conn!)

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