[ubuntu-art] Quick question for the WIKI regarding the range of what constitutes a "theme"

Andrea Cimitan andrea.cimitan at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 01:00:31 BST 2008

2008/7/11 Kenneth Wimer <kwwii at ubuntu.com>:

> On Friday 11 July 2008 01:09:09 Andrea Cimitan wrote:
> <snip>...</snip>
> > The community here in the mailing list is completely unofficial and in
> most
> > case its mockups are ignored.
> If they had more bearing on what is actually possible I think that they
> would
> see much more acceptance by developers who could/would/should implement it.
> Long term goals and mockups are one thing, dealing with the current system
> and planning for the future while trying to improve the system itself is
> the
> real goal, I think.
> From an artist perspective it is always a drag to have a good idea and be
> told "it'll never happen" but my experience has shown that sometimes that
> is
> simply how it is. There are some lengths you can go to to change things and
> sometimes the best ideas are the ones that nobody has thought of before and
> are easily reailzable but more often than not, people think up stuff that
> might look awesome on a screenshot and very well might be the "next big
> thing" but without a team of developers *and* upstream support it'll never
> happen. Let's not forget that this is the art list and not necessarily the
> UI
> list.

I never said "it will never happen", I've just said that when you work on
something you must do something that starts from a real/actual work.
Otherwise it is just junk, like hundreds of *gnome 3.0* mockups/topaz I've
seen on the web in these years. No one will be used to develop gnome 3.0.

One thing is *ideas*, one thing is something that is completely redesigning
the whole UI toolkit and applications. Also because it's not just *design*
but it implies usability: is your idea usable or it is just cool?
Designers/themers must know the HIG before drawing their mockups.

> If you ask me, we should work at getting the most out of what is there
> first,
> which would build trust in the team, which would lead to more people
> helping,
> etc. There is a way to get this all done, no matter how far fetched it may
> seem but the crazier the idea, the more work it is and the longer it will
> take. Let's get some things straight first and work in an orderly manner to
> really improve things.

Yeah, should be great to have more guys to help, but the problem is... who
Who will have decisional power in the community?

> > Even though at the same time it is the right place to propose your work,
> so
> > if you have time and you have something original in your mind -you should
> > really- post it here (why not contribute if you have a great idea? why
> > don't share it with the developers?).
> >
> > Also, as said by kenneth, ten thousands of mockups full of transparency
> and
> > mac-like nautilus are completely useless.
> >
> > From my point of view, one thing that could be done to have a higher
> > quality community contribution is
> > 1) don't threat the mailing list as a chat
> > 2) use it to ask help, not to ask opinions (hey do you like my
> > fancy-new-ultra theme?)
> > 3) merge guys, teams, then let's order the work in the wiki, doing real
> > stuff and not mockups
> Indeed the mailing list is becoming a problem for those who really work on
> specific issues. I'll be announcing some new stuff soon, mainly a -dev list
> which will reduce the noise level for those who contribute actively. More
> on
> this soon.
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> Ken
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