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SzerencseFia szerencsefia at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 13:12:18 BST 2008

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>>>> Salane Ashcraft wrote:
>>>> Attached
>>>> I have another panel I created that is not transparent.
>>> Cory K. wrote:
>>> Just a note, panels need not be any wider than 1px. 1x24px is fine.
>> And also take into account that vertical and horizontal panels are
>> themed differently if you use
>> pixmap engine on the panel. When the user changes theme he should
>> *not* be required to understand
>> the codes in order to change the direction of the panel. This is the
>> main issue to sort out in
>> theming gnome-panels.
> Great thing to find out would to see if a gtkrc could be written to be
> aware of the panel's state and use a different image *or* rotate the
> image to fit the panel.
> -Cory

That is exactly the way we need to look. I consider that an OS should be 'smart' enough to realize
the user's need. But I have no idea how the gtkrc should be written on such way only I am willing to
take some lessons if one can point out a tutorial to study on this matter.

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