[ubuntu-art] How to provide more alternate wallpapers without influencing CD size requirements

Max maxter at email.it
Tue Jul 8 12:19:44 BST 2008

another way could be an application developed by canonical itself.
already exist a software called 'gnome-art', not more manteined, that
uses art.gnome.org archives, and a new application, called 'gnome-art
NG', that is a work on progress, still lacking some features but already
note that those software not only mangage backgrounds but can also
browse and install themes and gnome splash screen (i know that ubuntu
removed the gnome splash  screen, but it should be useful to provide the
users a way to simply re-enabling it).

if such an application could be installed by default, also grand-mothers
 will be informed that an application called, for example,'download
wallpapers and themes' exist, simply opening the settings menu(or
preferences, i don't remember the english definition for that menu,
sorry ;-) ).

canonical could create an 'ubuntu-look.org' or 'art.ubuntu.com' site as
proposed in this thread simply duplicating the art.gnome.org site and
slightly modifing the 'gnome-art' app.

may be too much efforts for the results, but i think this way there will
be no fork from gnome apps and all the user will know about it.

ciao :)


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