[ubuntu-art] How to provide more alternate wallpapers without influencing CD size requirements

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On Jul 7, 2008, at 8:04 PM, Brian Fleeger <brianfleeger at yahoo.com>  

> Hi all,
> This is an idea I had to provide users with more alternate  
> wallpapers without influencing the install CD's footprint.  If this  
> is too off-topic for an art-team posting, please let me know and  
> direct me to where this idea does belong.  At least it is  
> tangentially related to Ubuntu's art experience.
> In addition to providing a couple extra default alternate  
> wallpapers, Canonical could host a special wallpaper repository the  
> same way it does with synaptic and install/uninstall.
> Scenario: Grandma May is using her Ubuntu for the first time and  
> wants to change the wallpaper.  She right clicks the desktop, sees  
> "change wallpaper," and clicks through.  After seeing there are only  
> 4 or 5 alternates (I am still optimistic), she notices the "Get More  
> Ubuntu Wallpapers" button in the bottom right-hand corner of the  
> nautilus window.  (if granny didn't have an internet connection, the  
> box would be grayed out and unclickable)  She clicks it and is  
> connected to a repository of pre-selected Ubuntu art works.  In the  
> repo, she sees small icons, and can mouse-over/single click to see  
> larger previews.  After checking the boxes for the wallpapers she  
> wants, Grammy clicks "Install Wallpapers" and is done.  Users could  
> happily choose from hundreds of specially chosen backgrounds which  
> have been selected for their color/composition to go well with the  
> new Ubuntu default theme, instead of googling for hours for "free  
> wallpapers."  Backgrounds could be arranged by topic, with options  
> like "Select All Nature Wallpapers," etc.
> Canonical could thereby 1) redefine the user experience, 2) gain  
> more control over Ubuntu's aesthetic appeal, and 3) streamline the  
> CD install image all in one swoop.
> Is this a good idea/something that could be passed on to relevent  
> parties?
> -Brian Fleeger
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Yes! Yes! Yes!
There needs to be a button for themes as well though
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