[ubuntu-art] How to provide more alternate wallpapers without influencing CD size requirements

Brian Fleeger brianfleeger at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 8 04:04:58 BST 2008

Hi all,

This is an idea I had to provide users with more alternate wallpapers without influencing the install CD's footprint.  If this is too off-topic for an art-team posting, please let me know and direct me to where this idea does belong.  At least it is tangentially related to Ubuntu's art experience.

In addition to providing a couple extra default alternate wallpapers, Canonical could host a special wallpaper repository the same way it does with synaptic and install/uninstall.  

Scenario: Grandma May is using her Ubuntu for the first time and wants to change the wallpaper.  She right clicks the desktop, sees "change wallpaper," and clicks through.  After seeing there are only 4 or 5 alternates (I am still optimistic), she notices the "Get More Ubuntu Wallpapers" button in the bottom right-hand corner of the nautilus window.  (if granny didn't have an internet connection, the box would be grayed out and unclickable)  She clicks it and is connected to a repository of pre-selected Ubuntu art works.  In the repo, she sees small icons, and can mouse-over/single click to see larger previews.  After checking the boxes for the wallpapers she wants, Grammy clicks "Install Wallpapers" and is done.  Users could happily choose from hundreds of specially chosen backgrounds which have been selected for their color/composition to go well with the new Ubuntu default theme, instead of googling for hours for "free wallpapers."  Backgrounds could
 be arranged by topic, with options like "Select All Nature Wallpapers," etc.

Canonical could thereby 1) redefine the user experience, 2) gain more control over Ubuntu's aesthetic appeal, and 3) streamline the CD install image all in one swoop. 

Is this a good idea/something that could be passed on to relevent parties?

-Brian Fleeger

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