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Conn subpsyke at eircom.net
Thu Jul 3 21:10:06 BST 2008

On Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 8:46 PM, David <thecookieofdoom at gmail.com> wrote:

> If we go orange again, I think that Kith Intrepid is probably the best one
> out there. The only trouble is that it might be a bit loud for some people.
> I personally love it, and have been using a setup very close to it on my own
> computer. If something like this could be coded in such a way as to allow
> the user to change colors at will (effecting the panels, gtk theme, and
> emerald theme), I think this could really be the best option. I'd suggest
> using Murrine as it seems to be the most customizable (though I'm no
> expert), and it will support ARGB for future releases (or this one if it
> proves stable).

Kith Intrepid is an interesting concept, but that's the problem - it's a
concept. It has not developed beyond the mockup stage, and the actual
mockups focus more on what would be coded in Metacity rather than GTK! We
would need to see a sample application with actual widgets visible such as
"The Widget Factory" to really know the style and intent of "Kith".

As for the buttons at the bottom of windows - it's not possible with GTK, as
that area is reserved in applications (GtkStatusbar). This is another mockup
that requires a major architectural change to GTK (and many applications) -
and while it may be worth persuing, it's not likely to happen.

Having said all that, I somewhat like the colour scheme :).
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