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Nemes Ioan Sorin nemes.sorin at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 22:51:15 GMT 2008

I have too agree - one step at a time - could have benefits on long terms.

I'll write you personally, not here, about how I see the long term goals 
for Gnome UI (I'm thinking from some time to this subject and his many 
faces - not just theming - but modifying UI structure).

As always the big problem is time - I hope to have some free time right 
after Hardy launch - to hack into code - being already PHP / 
Actionscript / Javascript coder for some years - I have just to start 
now on C/C++/Python/Vala.

Kenneth Wimer wrote:
> I like the simplicity of Aurora and think that we can take ideas from it for 
> the future. At first glance it seems quite like the Oxygen style created for 
> KDE4 in some ways. Not sure how much is possible in the short term as far as 
> that kind of coding goes (or how flexible the engine is to allow us adopt it 
> to our needs). If we have mockups of exactly where we want to go we might be 
> able to find a developer to realize it. In the future I think if we start to 
> develop something new we should look into good ideas from several themes, not 
> just adopt one "as-is". Whatever we pick to use in Hardy should reflect a 
> step in that direction. Probably a very small step but at this point in time 
> having a long term plan and just beginning to realize it would be a huge step 
> for Ubuntu artwork.
> On Tuesday 29 January 2008 23:04:52 Nemes Ioan Sorin wrote:
>> I don't wanna Aurora ...because of myself.
>> It's OK, is slow maybe, on my machine run just fine, I have to reaffirm
>> cos WE CAN USE Visual Proposals and Visual Enhancements from Aurora as
>> good ideas for the new Ubuntu theme.
>> btw Aurora is not highest rated in gnome-look (at GTK2) because of
>> engine(90% of users don't know about the difference between engine and
>> theme) but because the look. They like what they see.
>> For most users Aurora is a step forward in the right direction (as Apple
>> do for long time -> an intuitive, semantical UI (icons and icon groups)
>> - more than a logical(orthodox) one (with lots of text menus and
>> vertical / horizontal separators)).
>> Aurora is simple, round, clean, arrows on widgets are tringles not "V"'s
>> gradients are unobtrusive - scrollbars finally look good and personal
>> (not like old gtk scrollbars).
>> Maybe a fine tune of Murrina engine (I already have a Murrina
>> configurator ) can solve a lot of problems regarding -> bad contrast /
>> pale difference between UI parts with different functions.
>> So why we should "stamp" a foot in the back to something instead to
>> taken good things from inside. I am always concerned about "positivist
>> logic" on communities [...].
>> My proposal was to look at it's best parts not to ...adopt Aurora.
>> Also taking count on his popularity - that means they succeed in some
>> aspects and we can benefit from this. Just think about.
>> That's my lobby. Point.
>> On the other side "clearlooks hack" is a pretty nice proposal - no
>> horizontal separators - an other step in the good direction.
>> SorinN
>> Sebastian Billaudelle wrote:
>>>   I don't like Aurora, because ist's a very slow engine. At my machine
>>> (Pentium M, 1500 MHz; 768 MB RAM; ...) you can watch the widgets
>>> loading;-) Gtkperf doesn't like Aurora, too;-)
>>> cheers Sebastian
>>> Am Dienstag, den 29.01.2008, 04:27 +0200 schrieb SorinN:
>>>>  Clear Looks or Ubuntulooks would look nice with an usable scrollbar (
>>>>  I mean distinctive ) - as the Aurora theme has ( even that Aurora tent
>>>>  to be on top of highest rated of gtk2 engines on gnome-look.org [
>>>>  that's mean something - rest of the world dont care about what we talk
>>>>  here ;) - maybe we can keep something good this engine -> if  we don't
>>>>  like / want  Aurora at the end ).
>>>>  Murrine can be a good engine too on the other side - with the same
>>>>  problem - scrollbar face need a lift on it's form ( to be more
>>>>  visible, ( using a  scrolltrack gradient [ ... ] ). Also default font
>>>>  for Murrine on Cimi website screenshots is a bit scary regarding  it's
>>>>  usability - a little bit fat font could be a better solution on small
>>>>  UI widgets.
>>>>  --
>>>>  Nemes Ioan Sorin

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