[ubuntu-art] panel icons

Kenneth Wimer kwwii at ubuntu.com
Tue Jan 29 20:28:03 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 29 January 2008 21:09:52 Dylan McCall wrote:
> One quick concern from me: I see that the Update icon in this is going back
> to the jagged orange splotch. I have yet to see how this represents
> updating in any way, as it looks more like a bug report. The icon that is
> currently in the Hardy alphas (with the downward-pointing arrow) is quite a
> bit more informative.

i agree, the little fleck of color was just to show how one could use color to 
denote there is some action to be taken (or currently being taken). Pretty 
much all of the ideas show there still need lots of work, I was just trying 
to get a feel for the general idea, not suggesting final icons.

> As for which one I like, I prefer the not etched, simple 2d look. One
> reason is just personal taste, the other reason is because panel icons are
> usually like that. For example, if I go and download the latest Pidgin that
> is built without Ubuntu in mind, I'll have the standard colourful Pidgin
> icon. Alongside the etched icons it looks really weird. With the flat 2d
> icons, it blends reasonably well. (Still not perfectly, but better). I like
> that you use less colour for icons that do not need urgent attention (that
> should "just work") like the volume control and network info. That way,
> colour can be used for things to stand out, and the colourful icons that
> other apps bring with them will be less of a concern since they still fit
> fairly naturally with the "official" design.
> Ideally we shouldn't have to worry about this since applications like
> Pidgin and Liferea should really not be putting themselves in the
> notification area all the time, but it doesn't look like that will be fixed
> very quickly.

I expected more people to like the 2d versions compared to the etched 
versions, basically for the same reasons you just mentioned.


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