[ubuntu-art] hardy artwork

Kenneth Wimer kwwii at ubuntu.com
Mon Jan 28 12:01:07 GMT 2008

Hi all,

This mail attempts to clear up some issues in the art direction for Hardy 
Ubuntu. As already stated we will not be changing things radically. Here are 
some of the things I would like to see changed and some possible ideas for 

1) Wallpaper: Ideally dark and mysterious yet modern, clear and clean
    a) It should use the palette (in a previous post, email me if you missed 
    b) If nothing else, we will continue to use the elephant background for 

2) GDM: Lighter, friendlier than the wallpaper but inline as far as artwork 
    a) Until now we have used a different background image for GDM (ie not the 
wallpaper). I would like to see Ubuntu use a common look for the entire 
experience (usplash throuh GDM, Desktop) but this is not a definite *must 
have* for Hardy. If possible we can work towards this.

3) 2D Panel Icons: simplified panel icons - those on the right side, some (me) 
might call them system tray icons :-) I've looked into using an etched look 
for these as well as a very simple 2D look. I'll be posting these images 
later today so we can look into the possiblities and discuss them.

4) Murrine or Clear Looks as a GTK/WinDeco theme. The overall look should not 
change radically, and in any case the colors should be very similar, perhaps 
moving slightly to a bit more orange version (but only slightly).
    a) I would like to use a theme in which one can change the colors (not 
possible using the older style gtkrc). Ideas have been posted based on the 
clear looks engine but they have the problem that the selected menu items 
look too pale/light compared to what we have now and each toolbar/menubar/etc 
has a line between them. Murrine seems to be the most flexible theme, perhaps 
it would be the way to go.

In addition to all of this we have lots of bugs with icons: menu icons, and 
especially the package related icons in the System menu. I'd like to see some

Look forward to more of this in the future :-)


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