[ubuntu-art] Here's my hacked version of clearlooks and 3 themes to go with it.

Sebastian Billaudelle sebbil at gmx.de
Sun Jan 27 18:48:06 GMT 2008

Very nice! Thank you!

I think this could be a very nice base for new ubuntu-themes.
Unfortunatly there are some issues:
The search-bar in nautilus and the "New"-button in evolution aren't
drawn correctly.
I reported the bugs at bugzilla.gnome.org at least three month ago, but
no response.


Am Samstag, den 26.01.2008, 15:58 -0600 schrieb xl cheese:

> Instruction on how to install are included.  
> I can't figure out how to compile and install clearlooks by itself so
> you'll have to reinstall the entire gtk-engines2.13.2 package.  All of
> the older clearlooks themes will not be altered.
> Three themes:
> UbuntuClearlooks.  
> Glossyhacked -  This is the default glossy theme using the new menubar
> and toolbar.
> Union-  Just for fun.
> Enjoy!
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Hardy/Alternate/SmoothMergedGradients?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=Enjoy.tar.gz
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