[ubuntu-art] moving from ubuntu-looks to clear-looks

astraljava at kapsi.fi astraljava at kapsi.fi
Wed Jan 23 15:11:46 GMT 2008

Nemes Ioan Sorin wrote:
>> Nemes Ioan Sorin wrote:
>>> You should try Aurora engine and Aurora Themes
> Cory K. wrote:
>> This was the engine that had no reason to exist right? The one forked
>> from Murrine and could be done within Murrine?
> This kind of answer should not exist, right ?
> And I'm asking here all members of this list.

I see no reason why it shouldn't.

> So please do not respond without arguments

Not sure what stands for an argument for you, but to me the redundancy
suggested by Cory was obvious; the functionality is already existing and
nothing new is being introduced. That's an argument for me.

> - also please respond if you
> have something to say about. Else ..just to point here some vanity -
> this is not the scope of this list.

The last I looked the description says "Discussion on Ubuntu artwork", so
I don't know how you view that line. But again, it's not a pointless post
by any means. Can you please elaborate how you felt it as a waste of


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