[ubuntu-art] [memaker] Alrighty: code cleanup, packaging, testing, video, blogging

Jason Brower encompass at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 01:11:40 GMT 2008

Sorry wrong post again... my Evolution defaults to this list when I type
discussion so I make the mistake all the time!
On Mon, 2008-01-21 at 08:02 -0500, Cory K. wrote:
> Jason Brower wrote:
> > Code Cleanup,
> > We will start to do the code cleanup.  If you have any experience in the
> > matter it would be really great to have your changes sent either here as
> > a diff or to your own bzr location.  I will merge it all as it comes.  I
> > personally am not that good at it.  But the latest release should be a
> > lot more readable than before.
> >
> > Packaging,
> > We have got to get this.  I don't know how, but it should be done before
> > our submission on the first of February to Ubuntu.  With out a package
> > almost all chances are lost to get this into Ubuntu, let alone the live
> > CD. If you haven't blogged asking for someone to package I would do it.
> >
> > Testing,
> > As always, we love having testing.  We need to find those little quirks
> > that are a little annoying.  One that I don't like is the layers are not
> > remembered when you add another object.  It would be nice to have that
> > working. I am going to play with getting the layers to move on each
> > click, rather than clicking and not seeing any change when really there
> > was. :D  Does anyone know how to compare two pixbufs? :)
> >
> > Video,
> > I will be making a video of memaker tonight.  If you have any requests
> > for this video I would be happy to help you out.  I will make more
> > formats too.  Flash and Ogg in many details. :D  I hope that it can be
> > viewable for anyone.
> >
> > Blogging,
> > Boy, I think this is where we have our power.  We have got to share this
> > with everyone.  I encourage everyone to blog about it and tell what they
> > like.  What part they contributed.  What you have learned.  Etc... Let's
> > make this release a booming success. :D
> >
> > So, What does everyone think?
> > Jason Brower
> >   
> Sounds cool. You just have to remember to put Memaker in the subject
> when you post to this list. Every post you do I have no clue what its
> about 'till damn near the end. :)
> -Cory

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