[ubuntu-art] New titlebar (Metacity theme) for Hardy

Nick Bauermeister Forlong at gmx.de
Sat Jan 12 20:30:49 GMT 2008


thanks for the feedback but I'd like to point out, that I do not propose
my theme to get implemented in Ubuntu (it's just a theme I created for
myself), so it's not really up for debate here.
The screenshots were only to depict my proposal to get rid of the brown
in the titlebar and create a brand new Metacity theme that emphasises
the beauty of the Human GTK theme.

The number of buttons couldn't be done in Metacity anyway and since it
doesn't support hover-animations for inactive windows either, it would
look more like this:
(although I agree, then the buttons are a little small... but again,
it's just an idea - if anybody likes this particular theme, I'd be happy
to improve it but it was only meant to show how different the GTK theme
can look with a titlebar that looks more clean and orange).


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