[ubuntu-art] [Request] COCOHEAD More facial hair and a balding head...

Jason Brower encompass at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 07:29:10 GMT 2008

Could we have some facial hair, like a little goat or similar in
cocoHead.  I would love it as it makes something more like me.  :D
If you want to just make the design... I am willing to make the matching
color sets. :D  Should we have some more colors?
Perhaps we could come up with a color scheme with agave.(IF you haven't
used it, get it!)
And another request... it would be funny to have the balding look... you
know... the hair on the sides but not on top?  hehe... that is something
I DON'T have, but I thought of it while thinking of making an avatar for
my father in law.
Have fun!
Jason Brower

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