[ubuntu-art] Union mock-up compiz problem.

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Tue Jan 8 17:06:34 GMT 2008

Perhaps we can reuse the code that draws the gtkNotebook.

> Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 17:40:56 +0100> From: mikkel.kamstrup at gmail.com> To: ubuntu-art at lists.ubuntu.com> Subject: Re: [ubuntu-art] Union mock-up compiz problem.> > On 08/01/2008, xl cheese <xl_cheese at hotmail.com> wrote:> >> > That's actually the way clearlooks comes out of the box. I just adjusted> > the color inside the engine to highlight the apps/places/system with the> > normal bg color instead of orange.> >> > I wonder if the engine could draw the tab/menu combo as one widget and> > compiz would recognize it and draw the shadow the way we want?> >> > If I understand correctly you suggest using some kind of shaped window> for menu+tab_header and then overlay that the normal menu button. That> might work if done correctly, but it is quite tricky I think.> > While it might be technically possibly for the theme to rewrite the> window position for the popup (to have it north-east corner match that> of the panel button), I think it is a can of worms. This might trigger> all kinds of unknown position and focus bugs (which are notoriously> hard to right).> > And alternative solution is to patch gtk+ itself, but that will> probably break all theme not using this trick...> > Sorry, if I sound negative. I shall twist my brain to try and come up> with more constructive response...> > Cheers,> Mikkel> > > > Looking at the potential dropdown problem of one item flowing into the next,> > plus the shadow at the same intersection, why not go the opposite direction?> >> > Where the music selection has the solid orange highlight, why not copy it> > onto the places button? That way the highlight has continuity with the> > button, and it eliminates both the shadow and the border issue. So really,> > just make places the solid orange too.> >> > Amazing work!> > -- Ken V> >> >> >> >> > On Jan 7, 2008 6:25 PM, xl cheese <xl_cheese at hotmail.com> wrote:> >> >> > I think compiz will put a damper on the nice menus and menubaritem> > combination.> >> > Compiz puts a shadow all the way around the menu.> >> > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Hardy/Alternate/Union?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=menu.png> >> > It may also be tricky to have the engine draw the 1px border around the menu> > except for the intersection of the menu and menubaritem. I'm sure the right> > programmer could make it happen tho.> > ________________________________> > > Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 01:44:02 -0500> > > From: vermette at gmail.com> > > To: ubuntu-art at lists.ubuntu.com> > > Subject: [ubuntu-art] Union mock-up updates ending.> > >> > > Updates to the union mock ups and sources are officially ending. While> > working on the most recent update, my laptop froze completely, and now it> > appears to be completely dead. Because I'm beginning military training on> > the 13th, there's no point in fixing the 6-year old beast of a laptop.> > >> > > The data might be fine (I think it's the graphics card), and I'm going to> > plug my hard-drive into a desktop computer to see if I still have my work;> > depending on how this goes, I might get one more update loaded into the> > wiki, after that I'll make the most of my time with the family before I> > leave. If my data is corrupt or irretrievable, then I'll be forced to forget> > any more updates.> > >> > > The 0.4 update was the second last planned before calling the theme design> > "final". It unified outlines throughout the theme, added an additional> > button to the bottom of the windows, and overall had some colour balancing.> > If anyone wants to get a step closer to the planned design, follow the steps> > below:> > >> > > - Brown lines throughout the chrome receive 35% opacity, including drag> > circles.> > > - Window frame button outlines receive converted tab outlines, becoming> > more square and sharp.> > > - Close button no longer fades to the right, instead going into the edge> > of the window and only fading at the top.> > >> > > From here on out, I'm a useless bag of opinions until I leave (sucks to be> > this mailing list now, eh?). I'll try to keep up, and my email will always> > be open. If I do manage the update, a tar.gz will be available with all of> > my materials, including wallpapers, all versions of the theme, experiments,> > notes, personal instructions and my Formulae Tru design shown in my> > deviantart account, below.> > >> > > http://raraken.deviantart.com/> > >> > > Thank you, extreme apologies for any and all trouble this may cause.> > > -Ken Vermette> >> > _________________________________________________________________> > Watch "Cause Effect," a show about real people making a real difference.> > http://im.live.com/Messenger/IM/MTV/?source=text_watchcause> > --> > ubuntu-art mailing list> > ubuntu-art at lists.ubuntu.com> > https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-art> >> >> >> > --> > -Ken Vermette> > ________________________________> > Share life as it happens with the new Windows Live. 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