[ubuntu-art] Image links for the Ubuntu idea brainstorming and most annoying bugs websites

Nicolas Deschildre ndeschildre at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 11:19:22 GMT 2008

Hi all!

(moving this on a new thread)
In the last week, thorwill did a really nice job at making the logos
for the future Ubuntu idea brainstorming and most annoying bugs
websites (png and svg available here [1]).
I have now a last artwork request : the "image links".
An "image link" is a image template, which will contains the logo of
the websites, and some text dynamically added with GD, such as the
bug/idea title and number of votes. Their purpose is to be published
on external Ubuntu and non-Ubuntu contexts websites and forums to
promote an idea or a hated bug. A user clicking on them will be then
redirected to the idea/bug page. See for example [2], with some
concept images.

What I had in mind ATM was 4 image links, 2 per websites.
One big image link, around 300x80,
containing the title of the
idea/bug and the number of votes. This one is essentially expected to
be inserted in a forum, a forum signature, and eventually as a banner
in a website.
A second one would be much smaller, e.g. 120x40, and is expected to be
put on websites as a sign of support of the idea/bug. A bit like the
GetFirefox images links. In this one, at least the title shall be inserted, to
identify what we are supporting :)

Now to the constraints : The target audience is the general Ubuntu
user, noob to power user. The given sizes are not mandatory, you can
toy with them. The image links must contain their respective logos,
and areas where the bug/idea title and number of votes will be
inserted (number of votes not mandatory for the small one). The
bug/idea title lengh is max 80, but I can make the font size decrease
as the text lenght increase. Any Freefont 2 font can be used. Finally,
you can add any static text on it, like "vote for my idea", "help me
highlight this bug", as long as it remains obvious.

Another info : the names for the websites have been chosen :
- "Ubuntu most annoying bugs" at vote-bugs.ubuntu.com (we wanted to
avoid the use of hatred words)
- "Ubuntu idea brainstorming" at vote-ideas.ubuntu.com
It may help for the static texts.

For the one taking a try, thanks and good luck! Any question, don't
hesitate to ask.


 - Idea brainstorming logo:
- Most annoying bugs logo:
[2] http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/93/imagelinkstx3.png

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