[ubuntu-art] Theme Update

Andrew Laignel a.laignel at ukdotcafe.com
Sun Jan 6 14:50:26 GMT 2008

Ken Vermette wrote:
> I like the way you've used the brown and made it feel very light. 
> Also, the way elements will use two tones of brown is very appealing.
> The first impression when I look at the theme though, is that it's 
> looking at what else looks good - and patches all these looks 
> together. In the end, individually all the pieces look good on their 
> own, but the theme itself looks a like patchwork.
Yeah, I tend to do something that looks good but doesn't work.  Needs a 
step back to realise that it needs to get the chop.  Candycain is gone 
now as is button gloss, textured title bar (I liked it but it didn't fit 
> What the theme really needs (in my personal opinion) is some basic or 
> structure to go by, more consistency.
> For example, something like the outlines. Here's the different styles 
> I've counted in the lines alone:
>  - 2px, dark brown (Active Window)
>  - 1px, dark brown (Inactive Window)
>  - 1px black  (Panels)
>  - 1px light brown (Dropdown, inner content-box)
>  - 1px gray (panel inactive window)
> You have gray, black, several shades of brown... The outlines could 
> technically work - but there's no real pattern to it. There's two drop 
> downs and while everything else is identical about them, they have 2 
> styles of outline... It's just what looks best for each individual 
> element. Try making some sort of pattern or structure for it like you 
> had before, for example, heres some possible rules:
You do have a point in some of the cases - I've redone it with an eye to 
balancing out the colours.  I kinda discarded the palette and went with 
what looked good as finding browns that would work are a nightmare.  I 
actually liked the 2px border on the active window, but too many people 
hated it for it to keep :(

The subwindow dropdown has to have a lighter colour than the main system 
menu or it overpowers everything.  The inactive panel window is just the 
main window at 80% opacity and without the darkening on the controls - 
it should be identical apart from that.

I've done an update - at the usual place.  Sorry to hear about your 
laptop too :(

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