[ubuntu-art] Union mock-up updates ending.

Ken Vermette vermette at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 06:44:02 GMT 2008

Updates to the union mock ups and sources are officially ending. While
working on the most recent update, my laptop froze completely, and now it
appears to be completely dead. Because I'm beginning military training on
the 13th, there's no point in fixing the 6-year old beast of a laptop.

The data might be fine (I think it's the graphics card), and I'm going to
plug my hard-drive into a desktop computer to see if I still have my work;
depending on how this goes, I might get one more update loaded into the
wiki, after that I'll make the most of my time with the family before I
leave. If my data is corrupt or irretrievable, then I'll be forced to forget
any more updates.

The 0.4 update was the second last planned before calling the theme design
"final". It unified outlines throughout the theme, added an additional
button to the bottom of the windows, and overall had some colour balancing.
If anyone wants to get a step closer to the planned design, follow the steps

 - Brown lines throughout the chrome receive 35% opacity, including drag
 - Window frame button outlines receive converted tab outlines, becoming
more square and sharp.
 - Close button no longer fades to the right, instead going into the edge of
the window and only fading at the top.

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