[ubuntu-art] Stop kickin' the dead horse - Create a full Union GTK theme.

Nemes Ioan Sorin nemes.sorin at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 00:55:57 GMT 2008

shadowh511 wrote:
> Thanks for the GTK theme, Ken.
> I think that it could use one thing to make it perfect.
> The color, it needs to be brown.e
> When I think of Ubuntu, I think of a clean, simple OS.  the color brown 
> represents cleanliness and simplicity, while blue represents sadness and 
> fear.  If we want to have people download hardy, why not give them a 
> nice theme such as union and give them the desktop cube and the wobble 
> windows and all of that eye candy.
> Hey, its an idea

Hey shadowh511

;) Blue is not FEAR - Blue is freedom - You can believe a designer. And
an UI designer.

Blue OR blue + green, well combined will give you a Peace of Mind
feeling [don't think a second that $MS designers are stupid].

Brown will give you after a while a sensation of sadness.
Red Derived colors accelerate beat of your heart.
There is no way to use Porto / Brown themes and to have millions of lovers.

Blue (warm blue) is a healthy color associated with peace.
Cold blue ( or cold blue + cold green ) generally mean Fresh.

$MS for example combined (in their logo's) all 4 base colors - which
combined - will obtain the best influence for the eye of mases. Blue,
Green (Sky and Grass, Peace, Silence, Free Space) and Orange + Brown (
which are comestibles colors [= colors used in Food's industry for
advertising especially - because human eye association { bread, burgers,
etc }])

So Ubuntu want to use comestible colors in general. That's not bad but
in intention (is working for commercials).

But an OS must use neutral colors for UI - like colored grays (that's
what Solaris do now with Nimbus theme) - which must have a minimal
influence to your mind on long term [that's why they use gray + a bit of
blue in their colored gray]. Any other stories are speculations. Those
thinks are known.

Human Eye and Hyman Brain - they have some rules which we can not change
  by our own pleasure even we are Bill Gates or Bil Laden - because this
is from Nature and this rule will rule until the end.

Those rules are known - and I asking myself why that fact does not count

Also Clearlooks (Gummy) are a pretty nice theme. What's wrong with
Clearlooks ? - can be colored at your desire - base colors are customizable.

Also please take a look at the AURORA gtk engine, theme and proposals at:
OR take a look to my screenshoot to see Aurora in action on my desktop :

SO why not ask / invite the author to design for Ubuntu Artwork a theme 
based on Aurora if we desperately need something "of our own". This is a 
nice concept and metaphor and is almost perfect. The author is an 
experienced designer and programmer hhttp://www.nanolx.org/

Wait for a response from the community side about Aurora.


Nemes Ioan Sorin

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