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Troy James Sobotka troy.sobotka at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 03:09:03 GMT 2008

julian wrote:
> can you list these three attempts here for the benefit of review?

To the best of my ability:

1) Roughly about Warty there was a community effort.  The original
Launchpad group was created from what I can recall.

2) Around Edgy there was a pretty decent push to get people to
organize the works into singular bodies so that they were scannable
to outside eyes (Namely Mr. Shuttleworth).  IIRC, the original
"bombard the wiki and mailinglist" approach (which most are now
quite familiar with ;) ) was regarding usplash contributions.

3) Hardy saw some further guidelines and attempts to have people
locate their work on the wiki (as has been clearly stated since
Dapper -- the Wiki and this mailing list have been the primary
focus to prevent further (and it appears unavoidable) fracturing
of focus)

To this end, I _will_ say that things have gotten better -- albeit
extremely slowly.  At least now people know that this list is
the hitch pin of work in conjunction with the wiki.  The wiki
itself is used more as well (as is clear by Ken's works).

Unfortunately, more people would need to learn or use the scripts
that nothlit and others have made available.  The reason being that
Imagemagick provides pro top shelf tools for collaging and
contact sheet type of work.  It also handles images of 16bpc etc.

> what are your opinions of the Ubuntu Brainstorming Site, and it's 
> goal to have a voting mechanism?

Let me make one thing clear -- I am an _avid_ supporter of Free
Software and the processes that surround that.  That said, I am
also extremely aware that _never_ has Free Software involved
unilateral democracy.

Voting regarding bugs?  Probably a good way to try and get
momentum to get them fixed.  Will it create a 'The Ubuntu
devs must now fix the bug'?  No.

Voting regarding ideas?  Sure!  Will it produce 'Now this
feature will be created by the devs who are capable'?  No.

Art and design -- the one thing that Free Software still has
leagues to learn about -- is also very much like the 'team
democracy' present in Ubuntu.  It cannot work under unilateral

Tango is proof in the pudding.  Tango is a project that welcomes
contributions, maintains an incredible amount of output, and
managed to forge ahead.  Is it a unilateral democracy?  No.
Should it be?  Heck no!

Strictly speaking from professional experience, _every single
project_ I have been involved in that has leaned toward the
unilateral democracy approach has flailed miserably.

Singular vision does _not_, in any way shape or form, lead
to success either.  The best works I can cite however, across
a broad range of disciplines, are all the byproduct thereof,


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