[ubuntu-art] Moving things forwards.

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Thu Jan 3 02:41:19 GMT 2008

On Jan 3, 2008 2:29 AM, Ken Vermette <vermette at gmail.com> wrote:
> No author of any theme is remotely aware of whether or not their submission
> will make it into the final product.

As Cory K just pointed out - this isn't true. No designer knows if
they will make the default. But we can ensure that any (complete,
quality) work we do is in Universe :)

> I don't know that, if I turn one of my themes into a full-out GTK with
> Emerald and Metacity, my time will have been worth it. While we are all
> aware that Mark will decide the final theme, how do I know if Mark will see
> it? How much effort should I put into the theme, vs how much effort should I
> put into the mailing list or the Wiki, making sure the right people will see
> it?
> Maybe everyone would be much happier if there were just some sort of list -
> or anything, that says "The list of everything Mark is guaranteed to
> consider", the list the Art Team will push to Mark first as their best and
> finest selection. A list where at least you will probably know you've made
> it as even an alternate choice. Mark will have the final say, so where do we
> find out what Mark wants? Can he be given a selection of what we have now,
> so we can get his commentary?

If we do the Theme Teams (see my other email to the list) WE have
control over what goes in. We lose the liklihood of being on CD but we
can be sure to be in Universe BUT - we need to do it properly, follow
all the Ubuntu guidelines, etc.

> I personally don't want to turn anything into a real theme because I don't
> know what will be considered. If a clear set of rules is established (must
> be a working GTK theme, with Metacity and where applicable, Emerald files,
> etc) and I'm told "Hey - if you make X into a live theme, X will be on that
> list - we will put you there" then I'll make the full GTK, and I'll make the
> Emerald, and I'll kick into overdrive to make everything you'll need because
> I know it'll be seriously considered.

If you make a real theme, and it is a good theme, people will use
it... Put it on GnomeLook....

If you want to lead a Theme Team, please do...

>  Right now all I know is that Basic Ideals got public attention, Union was
> given a union-like GTK to develop on, and then this Gelatin thing came out
> from left field and now I have a third theme I've started because I think
> thats what the Art team likes... I have two weeks before I'm serving in the
> Canadian Air Force, I have two weeks before I'm gone for 3 months, and
> possible well over a year if I don't get permission to get a new laptop. I
> don't expect to make the next default, and I don't know who will - but among
> this mess of message boards and Wiki articles how is anyone expected to feel
> like they've made it farther than a few good comments?

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