[ubuntu-art] Moving things forwards.

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Thu Jan 3 02:35:01 GMT 2008

> > Ubuntu has a process for making new packages available to users. There
> > is no reason we, as a team, can't follow that and have our artwork
> > included in universe (or eventually in main, perhaps?) :) Being
> > default, well, that's a different story
> Main vs. Universe means nothing.
> Blubuntu and UbuntuStudio-look both live in Universe. There's no reason
> (other than lack of a packager) community developed themes can't get in
> universe. I'd be happy to help anyone with questions on how to do this
> as I've had to do it for Ubuntu Studio.

Cory, I mentioned ArtPackagingSchool on the wiki page about Theme
Teams - are you familiar with the launchpad theme packaging method in
a way that would mean you can contribute to that?
I notice Troy has added a very sensible comment on the wiki suggesting
we write a document not just run a school for a day on irc. what do
you think? Does it exist?
> -Cory \m/
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