[ubuntu-art] Moving things forwards.

Troy James Sobotka troy.sobotka at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 00:47:02 GMT 2008

julian wrote:
> we need to see mockups in one place as opposed to scattered over several sites
> and hidden as attachments in nests of threads: 

This has been established at least thrice in my knowledge,
and at no point do people bother to tidy things up into
an organized manner.

The people who want this kind of order will end up doing it
themselves.  I wanted it at one point, and Imagemagick'd the
various elements into standard sizes and such on the wiki.

I might add that these sorts of rules have been tried _yet
again_ on the recent "let's redo the wiki" binge, and still
people cannot seem to follow the idea of working toward
an overarching goal for layout.

> both list and public votes would 
> be a great start to knowing what artists and users actually think is a good 
> direction.

Are you speaking of community based themes or default?
Once again I find the idea of voting absolutely laughable,
however, if the goal is to appease a mainstream operating
system individual.  Gnome-Look or any of the other high
traffic sites does not yield useful information to anyone
outside of the demographic of a ten year old manga-anime

> yes, of course voting is flawed in several primary ways, but far less so than
> the current war-of-voices model - one reserved only to this list. at this stage 
> it would be wise to get a singular sense of 'public' (read "active forum 
> user") and list-wide opinion.

There is no war.

There never has been war.

There is only sabdfl and his way that he chooses to run
his company.  I applaud his patience, monetary input, and
brilliance in this light.

Voting is also irrelevant.  The poorly conceived Edgy
byproduct achieved approximately 75% voter approval
over the existing artwork of Dapper.  It made no difference,
and nor should it.

> the only thing to fear from a vote is the reality that your contributions are not 
> as popular as you would like them to be. 

And given enough votes, all things will median.


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