[ubuntu-art] Hardline v0.2

Thomas L.G thomlie at online.no
Wed Jan 2 16:03:03 GMT 2008

Hi there,
Just made another photoshop-mockup, with some improvements and new 
stuff. Probably all of it can't be considered improvements, but I just 
wanna hear what you guys think. I have little experience with designing 
user interfaces, and none whatsoever with creating linux-themes...

So let's throw it out in the air.

Three versions this time, each with different wallpapers:
1. Calm desert wallpaper: http://www.portefolje.net/div/mockup2.jpg
2. Intense desert wallpaper: http://www.portefolje.net/div/mockup2b.jpg
3. Nebula wallpaper (made by me): http://www.portefolje.net/div/mockup2c.jpg

Happy new year!
- Thomas L.G

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