[ubuntu-art] Moving things forwards.

Troy James Sobotka troy.sobotka at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 04:40:29 GMT 2008

Justin Rogers wrote:
> I have been watching for about two months now, waiting to see how I can
> contribute. Who ever is leading this project, I am still uncertain, have
> put very little effort into it overall. I believe we were promised some
> sort of direction on the Wiki like a month ago. At this rate there is no
> way any new theme will ever get into 8.04. To put it bluntly the
> leadership on this project sucks!

First, leadership is a wonderful thing to talk about, but
a whole other thing to accomplish.

Second, you can play a 'mental game' for yourself.  Imagine
a list such as this where 100 people submit ideas.  You
have your own personal aesthetic.  You have the aesthetic
of people who are 'in charge'.  You have individual belief
structures.  Now you have 1000 different belief patterns,
100 different submissions, and the various computational
byproducts.  What direction do you go?  Every single
poor design decision in history has been agreed upon by
someone somewhere who thought it was a good idea.  Look
no further than this list if you need proof.

Third, you have people who refuse to examine the history,
wiki, or other easily accessible information out there.

As has been made clear a thousand times before, the paid
art liason is Kenneth Wimer (aka kwwii on Freenode).  The
final art arbitrator of all things Ubuntu is sabdfl -
Mark Shuttleworth.

1) No there won't ever be voting.  It is a hideous route
to follow for design.  Arguably, it can also be a shortcoming,
but voting isn't the answer.

2) kwwii (as per email to the list) has been on vacation.

I hope this helps, and I hope that perhaps you will see that
the situation isn't nearly as simple as some people would
like it to be.


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