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Wed Jan 2 00:28:41 GMT 2008

Good points.

I share some of these concerns, and eagerly await an answer :)

On Dec 28, 2007 11:03 PM, Andrew Laignel <a.laignel at ukdotcafe.com> wrote:
> I've been subscribed to this list for a few months now, and have been
> slightly disappointed at how things are progressing.  I have seen quite
> a lot of good ideas go by, with people saying 'yes, I like that' and
> then it disappears into history and someone else posts something and it
> all starts again.  There seems to be a mockup->post->dissappear cycle.
> I think it's the result of their being no actual official input, and no
> officially managed archive of contributions.  There is the wiki, but
> each entry could be anything from a photograph of a sketch to a complete
> mockup.  It's also hard to know when anything new has been added without
> checking each link individually each day.
> At this point I think what is really needed is an official voice to have
> a look at all the contributions, group all the viable ideas in one place
> and then say why each idea is good/bad and what the official opinion on
> it 'making it' as the default theme is.  It would provide an excellent
> reference point on whats already been done, and what is being looked for
> in an official theme.
> I like to think I am fairly good at design but I have no idea if my
> current mockup is anything like anything that could be official.  I
> cannot work on problems and refine it to meet the specifications if I
> have no idea what they are and I see this symptom in quite a lot of
> posts - the designer simply stops due to a lack of direction.
> I do not think it would take much to refine the wiki slightly with the
> current potential candidates and run them past Mark, or at least someone
> official so they can say a bit about each one and what is
> liked/disliked.  At the least it would spur people on to improve on
> things and respond to the comments.
> One of the most important parts of a design brief in my opinion is a:
> the brief, and b: liasing with the clients at various stages to make
> sure things are going the way they like.  We just seem to be missing
> both of these and seem to be just spinning our wheels. There is a lot of
> talent on this list and the wiki, and its a shame to see it
> under-utilised. :(
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