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I'm following the discussion on this list since gutsy came out and I have to say, that it's great how many good ideas came up here.
Especially I like the union-theme proposal, because it has a lightweight appearance and the transparency option provided by the murrine engine sounds very tempting to implement this (although I don't know how to do this :o)

I'm looking forward for the official guidelines to be posted, since the waiting time is such a waste of the creativity, one can find around here.
 But I also know, that choosing the general style guidelines is a hard decision. 

Personally I don't like this very dark and heavy style you can find in the openmoko interface, which repeatedly served as inspiration for theme proposals.
 But it happened, that I found this theme, which represents a good implementation of the openmoko style, I think (if recolored to orange):


Maybe it can serve as inspiration for someone ..

For creation of an "ordinary" theme, i think there are much good  ones already existing to be found  at gnome-look.org.
The hardy style should be breathtaking and unique, shouldn't it ?

So i vote for union style with murinne transparency .. !!

Have a good time

Greetings from germany

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