[ubuntu-art] Here's my hacked version of clearlooks and 3 themes to go with it. (updated)

xl cheese xl_cheese at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 28 17:41:42 GMT 2008

hahaha.  I knew you were on this mailing list.  I was sort of hoping you would prove me wrong.  ;)

> From: cimi86 at alice.it> To: ubuntu-art at lists.ubuntu.com> Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 18:26:58 +0100> Subject: Re: [ubuntu-art] Here's my hacked version of clearlooks and 3 themes to go with it. (updated)> > > Il giorno sab, 09/02/2008 alle 15.28 -0600, xl cheese ha scritto:> > The dude does some pretty good work for the theme engines, but I've> > exchanged a few emails and he is an ass. Especially since I had> > exchanged emails about the work I did to the engine to make a unified> > menubar and toolbar. I essentially asked for permission to patch> > them in.> > > Before saying that someone "is an ass" at least CHECK if this guy is> currently subscribed to the mailing list and reads your emails.> > Thanks for your compliments, and for the respect and the education> you're showing to the whole community.> > We *really* need a guy like you.> > Best regards> > -- > Andrea Cimitan <http://www.cimitan.com>> GNOME Developer <http://www.gnome.org>> Murrine Creator <http://www.cimitan.com/murrine>> > > -- > ubuntu-art mailing list> ubuntu-art at lists.ubuntu.com> https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-art
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