[ubuntu-art] Quick user switching panel applet. OT?

Andrew Laignel a.laignel at ukdotcafe.com
Fri Feb 8 09:36:25 GMT 2008

Sumit Chandra Agarwal wrote:
> This looks good to me.
> Have you tried the KDE4 live CD? Their new menu is pretty decent and 
> its 'recent' functionality is nice. I don't like the default 'hover' 
> mode for switching tabs, but those KDE folk have always been funny 
> about hover/single-click/double-click.
I am doing a 'Vista' with this and waiting for the next version.  The 
whole 'lets redefine what RC means' debacle kinda put me off.
> Haha, I like that you instinctively put Firefox and Thunderbird at the 
> top of the 'recently used' list. Can Ubuntu/Kubuntu stop pretending 
> that its a good idea to have the default programs be anything other 
> than the most well-recognized FOSS software? But uh, that's a whole 
> 'nuther topic.
Yeh they are bolded as they have been 'pinned' (except there's no icons) 
so you can choose whats always there.  Maybe by clicking a greyed out 
pin on the RHS which goes dark and sticks it to the top?
> Anyways, yes, nice cleanly executed mock-up with a very direct and 
> legible layout. Its even got a nice subtle depth to it, but I'm sure 
> the ultimate version would have all those visual niceties (or lack of) 
> handled by the GTK engine anyway.
Yeah I wasn't really going for looks, just a 5minute demo of what, imo, 
would be good.

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