[ubuntu-art] New Wave 0.7.0 Release Candidate Preview

Anton Kerezov ankere at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 14:36:56 GMT 2008

В 13:51 +0200 на 21.12.2008 (нд), marios ant написа:
> Oh well... I beg for a blue version... hahaha only kidding!
> Keep up the good work!

When I upload the latest sources to bzr everybody could modify the
images so that they have another color.

You have probably seen that there are some apps (Open Office and
Firefox) that need further tuning. Does anybody know how to fix them
without modifying the theme? For Firefox I have a 'userChrome.css' file
that has some improvements but is not as good as a theme. Is there
anyone that can help me make a theme for Firefox?


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