[ubuntu-art] New Wave 0.7.0 Release Candidate Preview

Anton Kerezov ankere at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 10:46:01 GMT 2008

В 12:09 +0200 на 21.12.2008 (нд), marios ant написа:
> It is a really beautiful theme! I think the the gnome panels need some
> more work though... It is hard to determine the 'button boundaries'
> between them.

I tried to make the theme as clear as possible. After all why you need
boundaries when you can click on the icon+text or mouseover them and see
the boundaries. But you are right to a degree because it the text is
smaller the user wonders why the next item is not closer to the first

> Having this in mind, I got dissappointed to see that some colors are
> hard coded in your theme. Examples of this are the menu highlight, the
> focus highlight and the key pressed colour. This should be variable and
> not hard coded orange.

Unfortunately this is not as simple as many would think. Images are hard
coded because I'm using the Pixmap engine that exclusively uses already
drawn images. New engine could be coded so it draws exactly the same but
I have no skills to do this. I'm designer only.

> Thank you for your effort! It is a high class theme, should be default
> in Jaunty Jackalope!

Thank you!


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