[ubuntu-art] ubuntu-art Digest, Vol 42, Issue 9

Thorsten Wilms t_w_ at freenet.de
Wed Dec 10 13:23:36 GMT 2008

On Wed, 2008-12-10 at 07:24 +0030, Mohammed Sayanvala wrote:
> Hi people
> My name is Mohammed. I am a South African and I am new to this mailing
> list. Can somebody give me a brief breakdown on the current projects
> and if there's anything I can do?

Welcome Mohammed!

A few people are working on their own themes, but this is currently not
very transparent.

The Breath Icon Set project is working on a replacement/alternative to
the Human set. Cory K. is the strategical and technical lead, while
Sebastian Porta (spg76) is currently the sole submitter of icons:

Project Kyūdō is about creating and documenting a foundation for
artwork, especially theming, including a set of goals people can agree
on. I'm the one responsible for it. Input on it is very welcome!

The most recent activity there, has been on:

I intend to create a SVG template with more widgets, to use the
gtk-css-engine for prototyping.

What you can do depends on your background and interests ;)

If your internet access and schedule allow, it would be nice if you
could switch to the regular mode of the mailing list, as the digest
makes discussions harder for all involved.

Please dot not quote entire mails. Only quoting parts you are directly
referring to makes reading this list much nicer and saves bandwidth ;)

Thorsten Wilms

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